• Completion Is Not Enough! Up Next: Advising

    The completion agenda has been effective in shifting the national conversation on postsecondary attainment from access to completion, as reflected in the measurable completion goals set to be achieved by Lumina Foundation, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Obama Administration, and numerous states. This is tremendous progress, but for low income Americans who seek postsecondary credentials to secure employment and advance in our economy, it is not enough to simply complete.

  • Exploring the Next Generation of Guided Pathways Questions

    Greetings, fellow guided pathways travelers –

    I’m back in my office at 38,000 feet, this time headed to Davidson County CC in North Carolina and Tallahassee CC in Florida for keynotes/workshops this week.  It’s a busy month – as we’ve discussed in previous posts, the interest in guided pathways has never been higher, and as proof I’m doing 14 keynotes / workshops this month in...

  • Teaching and Learning - CBD Cross-Cadre Conference

    We are still gathering key materials from this Teaching and Learning convening to share with you and will post in the near future.  

    In late June, in Raleigh, North Carolina approximately one hundred community college faculty (and some administrators too) convened to talk about how to improve teaching and learning on our campuses.  The faculty who attended the conference teach at the CBD colleges—a group of nine community colleges from Ohio, North...

  • Completion by Design Best Practices and Toolkit Webinar

    The Completion by Design (CBD) initiative shared best practices and gave an overview of the Building Guided Pathways toolkit on a June 22, 2016 Jobs for the Future webinar.

    Jill Wohlford, Completion by Design consultant, discussed priorities that emerged from the pathways strategies developed by the community college cadres in Florida, North Carolina, and Ohio.

    CBD provides a framework for...

  • What's Happening in the CBD World?

    We wanted to share a few exciting things happening in the CBD world.


    “Revamping Community Colleges to Improve Graduation Rates”

    This New York Times article reflects on some of the changes community colleges across the country (including CBD colleges) are making in hopes of ensuring that more students graduate.  When small changes failed to stem drop-out rates, community colleges began to revamp into structured environments, combining fewer courses with far more...


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