• New CBD Resource Coming Soon!

    New CBD Toolkit coming soon!

    We are excited to announce that a new CBD publication, “Building Guided Pathways: Practical Lessons from Completion by Design Colleges” will be released at the Achieving the Dream conference in Atlanta (and online here) on February 23rd. 

    Over the past four years, CBD colleges have aligned policies, programs and practices to create Guided Pathways that support students to be more successful. This is a bold, innovative and aggressive approach to student...

  • From Confusion to Completion: A Conversation about Culture

    "As been confirmed throughout our CBD journey, the faculty role in improving completion is central to the work of creating a coherent pathway for students into and through their program of study.  While student services personnel are vitally important to moving the needle on credential completion, students see and hear from faculty on a weekly, if not daily, basis, making faculty the first point of contact when challenges arise. Dr. David Bodary wrote the article below for...

  • Using Data to Determine Exploratory Pathways: the Jackson College Approach

    Happy New Year! For the first time in 5 years, I actually had 3+ weeks at home in California over the holidays and decided to celebrate it by getting strep throat. Good times indeed! Hope your holidays were less compromised and that you are renewed with energy to get back at it in the new year. I certainly am and am writing to you from my normal exit row aisle at 36,000 feet on my first trip of the year to Wytheville Community College in Virginia; followed in January with trips to New York...

  • Moving to Institutionalize Reform

    Sinclair Community College is a large, urban institution serving about 25,000 credit-seeking students at any one time.  The college manifests a palpable “can-do” attitude that enables employees to tackle tough challenges and learn as we go.  When Completion by Design was launched in 2011, Sinclair focused on four major areas: creating clearer and more focused academic pathways; accelerating students to degree through better placement and more effective developmental education; integrating...

  • The Pathways Project – Colleges Selected for National Initiative

    Implementing guided academic and career pathways at scale – for all students – is the shared commitment of 30 colleges selected, through a highly competitive national process, to participate in the Pathways Project led by the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC).

    Partners in the Pathways Project, led by the American Association of Community Colleges, are  Achieving the Dream, Inc., the Aspen Institute, the Center for Community College Student Engagement, the Community...


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