• What's Happening in the CBD World?

    We wanted to share a few exciting things happening in the CBD world.


    “Revamping Community Colleges to Improve Graduation Rates”

    This New York Times article reflects on some of the changes community colleges across the country (including CBD colleges) are making in hopes of ensuring that more students graduate.  When small changes failed to stem drop-out rates, community colleges began to revamp into structured environments, combining fewer courses with far more...

  • Positively Impacting Students: DevEd Reform

    Stark State College is in North Canton, Ohio, home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and enrolls approximately 12,000 credit students. The average age for students is 29, most are female, and most attend part-time.  Almost half are first-generation college students.  For the Fall 2015 new admission cohort, 57.3% placed into one or more developmental education courses.

    Imagine meeting the demographics described above, testing into all developmental education courses, and being told...

  • Filling in Gaps: CBD Building Guided Pathways Toolkit

    Recently and to my utter amazement, my 94 year old mother asked me what a bot is. As I tried to explain it to her, I realized that I couldn't define bot simply or clearly,  even though I knew what it was.  When I looked for help on Google, the definitions that popped up first were complex, technical and confusing.   So, like many of us, I texted my own daughters to translate!

    How many times has something similar happened to you? 

    This happened to Ed Bowling (Managing Partner of...

  • But Wait, There’s More (National Developments and Guided Pathways Questions, That Is)…

    So it’s been a little while.  Hope you’ve had a good start to 2016, and amazingly, we are nearing the end of another academic year, my 13th working in and around the community college sector.  I’ve shared my optimism before about how the system and its colleges continue to evolve their innovative approaches into scaled structures and systems that significantly improve student completion outcomes, and I’m much more optimistic today than I was back then.  I’m always heartened around graduation...

  • Contagious: Completion by Design and Integrated Pathways!

    The DREAM 2016 conference, Achieving the Dream's Annual Institute on Student Success, offered a daylong pre-institute Guided Pathways workshop, “Implementing Integrated Pathways: What, When, Why and How – Advice from the Trenches”.

    Nine community colleges in three states have worked under the Completion by Design (CBD) umbrella to transform the way they deliver academic and support services to increase student success, retention and completion.  They simultaneously created integrated...


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