• A Storyteller’s Journey

    From time to time, CBD will be using STORYTELLING as a vehicle by which to share some of the valuable CBD lessons.  Here is our inaugural posting on the topic.

    The phrase “storytelling” is often prefaced by the sentence, “the art of…” If we consider storytelling in this context, then we must also liken it to any of the various other artistries that exist in the universe.  For something to exist as an “art,” there must be individual elements specific to the art that contribute to it...

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  • Questions About Guided Pathways V – I Plead the Fifth…

    This is part 4 of a series on Guided Pathways by Rob Johnstone.

    Happy belated Cinco de Mayo for those whom it’s an important holiday - including 40-50% of my fellow Californians who will be entering higher education in 2020, which is an interesting topic to explore at a later date!  I also think it’s fitting that I’m writing this fifth blog post in the Guided Pathways Questions series on May 5th (5/5).  I should head to Vegas and bet a lot of money on “5” in roulette.  Not that I would do...

  • First Time, or First Time Ever?

    After a 20 year hiatus, I find myself back in the classroom. I am taking Spanish 1, for fun, at the local community college.  In class the other night, I started thinking how I am one of those students who may be pulling this college’s outcome measures down, depending how they are computed. I am a first-time student at this college, I may or may not continue on to the next semester (depending how much energy I have), I am not going to accumulate very many credits, and I am not here to attain...

  • Questions About Guided Pathways IV – An Exploration of Quality & Guided Pathways


    This is part 4 of a series on Guided Pathways by Rob Johnstone.

    Greetings, fellow travelers –

    It’s April now, and I don’t know about you, but I just had a lot of fun watching the spectacle that is the NCAA basketball tournament – purely for entertainment of course.  So I’m happy, and ready to engage with you virtually as always, as I hope good weather and the new beginnings of Spring have found their way to you and yours.  So this time we will continue our months-long sojourn...

  • Questions About Guided Pathways III – Return of the Pathways


    This is part 3 of a series on Guided Pathways by Rob Johnstone.


    For most of us around the country, the time changed Saturday night to Daylight Savings Time, and while I wish somebody could figure out a way to do that without our losing an hour of sleep, I’m sure many of you who’ve endured this winter are ready for the thoughts of more sunlight and a shift in the weather pattern!  I’m heading to Austin and Indianapolis this week for SXSWedu and some planning work on...


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