• Excess Credits & Creating Efficiencies

    Many students who attain two-year degrees complete coursework that is not required of their specific major and, thus, accumulate excess credits.  This raises questions for efficiency in terms of students’ time to completion, increased opportunity cost by not being in the labor market, and increased educational costs.[1]  Through their Completion by Design (CBD) work, colleges redesign and restructure their students’ academic pathways to ensure only the necessary courses are required for...

  • Transferability of GE Courses

    Focusing on transferability of General Education courses: Guilford Technical Community College peeks under the covers of the articulation system between GTCC and the UNC state 4-year universities

    Happy Summer!  I hope that you all enjoyed the time off between the end of Spring semester and the start of Summer semester – which in my experience as a Dean and Provost was about 4 days.  Definitely time to recharge the batteries, right? 

    So we’re going to turn our attention to North...

  • Chaotic Enrollment Patterns of Community College Students

    A central goal of the Completion by Design initiative is to help colleges create guided pathways to degrees and transfer so that students are able to understand and choose the most efficient route through college.  With this in mind, Community College Research Center (CCRC) recently set out to understand the path students currently take through community college, and whether and how these patterns of enrollment relate to college success. To do this...

  • The Logic of Creating Effective Systemic Change

    Community college leaders across the country are asking how they can transform their institutions to support student success and completion.  In its work with the Completion by Design initiative, MDRC is addressing the question of what makes for such systemic transformation. One thing seems clear: Changing the experiences of students means changing both the activities and the mind-sets of the advisors, instructors, and other members of the campus community with whom students come in contact...

  • Restructure Onboarding Experiences

    Miami Dade College’s Redesign Efforts:  Paving the way for long-term change with an impressive quick win – restructured onboarding experiences for first-time college students


    So as we move toward the end of another academic year in May 2014, I hope that you are seeing increasingly larger numbers of students on your graduation stages this year.  It’s important to remember that this is one of the key reasons we’re all in this space – to see increasingly larger numbers of our students...


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