• Can More Students Do College Level Work Than We Thought? A Look at Early North Carolina Data

    So this month I’m going to pop back to one of my “second homes” of the last five years, the state of North Carolina.  Wayyyy back in this blog post series, we referred to some of the statewide policy reforms in North Carolina that affected all 58 community colleges there and also the work of the 5 original CBD colleges as well.  As a quick reminder, in the past couple of years, North Carolina:

    • Revisited their existing comprehensive articulation agreement (CAA) and established a new, more focused one with a list of 45 courses that assures admission to one of the 17 NC state universities and enables students to transfer with junior status;
    • Modularized their approach to developmental education at the state level through the creation of common statewide modules (DMAs...

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