• Questions About Guided Pathways II – The Two Towers

    Part Two in a Series About Guided Pathways by Rob Johnstone

    In a sobering reflection to at SFO waiting to fly to Raleigh for the great work Ed Bowling, Susan Barbitta and SSLI are doing with their regional institutes, I realized it’s been 18 cities visited since I last blogged about the first two Guided Pathways questions in early January.  Now I know many of you might be pointing out that while I’m currently in SFO (and in full disclosure one of the 18 cities was Honolulu), many of you are buried under an indeterminate number feet of snow – so I shouldn’t complain much.  This is true – and luckily, I don’t complain much, but my best wishes to those of you buried in the heart of winter.  My small taste of this was a recent trip to Lansing from Detroit for a meeting at...

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